Cops Arrest Entire Section Of Fans At Raiders-Chargers Game [VIDEOS]


One Raiders-Chargers fan fight is usually filling our daily quota. Today we have decided to make an exception to the rule thanks to a BC tipster who let us know about a brawl in the 300’s of Qualcomm Stadium.

This tipster referred to himself only as ‘Jaw Jammer’ and had this to say:

I was at the game and you panty sniffers should track down footage if the fourth quarter nose bleed battle. thirty cops and the entire section was kicked out after the ten minute fight… F*ck the raiders and their stupid fans.

Not sure why he called us panty sniffers, but it did get us moving looking for some footage of the super-brawl. It took place in section 47, which at Qualcomm Stadium is upper deck next to the scoreboard.


These babies were probably going for about $20 on StubHub the day before the game, hence the animals sitting in this section. Here are a few notable screen grabs of the type of clientele that graced section 47 last Sunday (full video below).

Chargers Fan (1)

Chargers Fan (2)

Chargers Fan (3)

Raiders Fan (1)

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