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Am I Supposed To Be Impressed By This 3-Pointer From Some Indiana High School Girl? [VIDEO]

You know how many AMAZING basketball shots are on YouTube? Too many. Seriously, you become numb to amazing shots. So along comes Gabrielle Gary of McCutcheon High (Indiana) and this shot she makes while trying to save the ball for her team.

It’s a hustle play. It’s not a three-pointer. It’s a hustle play. She’s a hustler. Don’t even concentrate on the shot going in. That’s secondary.

These are the kind of plays that never cease to amaze me from girls’ basketball games. Oh, look, I meant to do that. No you didn’t. Frankly, we’d like to see a replay; there had to be a toe on the line.

Another thing that bothers me: Why have girls cheering for girls basketball? What’s the purpose at the high school level? Can we stop it with the equality thing?

[Via SportsGrid]

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