White Boy Gets Stepped On During High School Dunk Of The Year [VIDEOS]


Victor Dukes is a high school basketball player turned internet superstar from Jonesboro, Arkansas. Every sports site on the internet is posting about this video, calling it “disgusting”, “filthy”, “absurdly ridiculous” and any other douchy term you can think of to describe a dunk. We’ll call it what it is: the high school dunk of the year.

Dukes must have been feeling it under the bright lights of the Convocation Center on the campus of Arkansas State. He saw the opening and a helpless white boy standing under the rim. He proceeded to step on said white boys chest, getting some extra elevation before throwing down a dunk even LeBron would be impressed with.

Even cooler is the fact that this was in the championship game of the NEA Tournament. Duke’s #1 ranked Nettleton squad beat the #6 seed Manila 41-37 to take home the title.

P.S. Victor Dukes, a sophomore, isn’t ranked on either Rivals or Scout. This dunk will translate into a few offers and you’ll be seeing him on ESPN2 in a few years in the college dunk contest that you always end up watching.

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