The Rose Bowl Has Been Forever Scarred By Stanford’s Pot Drummer [Morning Twitpics]



What did we learn about college football over the last 48 hours in college football? Stanford’s band desecrated on the Rose Bowl halftime show for old white hairs who remember the 1950 Rose Bowl. A rainbow pot leaf shirt and red beard? That’s so West Coast.

We also learned that the Big Ten had no right sending Purdue to a New Year’s Day bowl. Shame on Purdue fans for traveling to Dallas for that stupid game.

• We learned that Michigan-South Carolina can’t sellout in Tampa.

• We learned that the ESPN producers who chose the hashtag for the Capital One Bowl are actually Chicago gangsters.


• We learned that a helmet popping off a running back during a big hit can bring the Internet to its knees. No, I didn’t see the hit live because I was busy puking in the upstairs toilet. It was a non-alcoholic induced flu.

• We learned FSU fans are classy.



• We learned that Poindexter plays in the Wisconsin band.

(via @obrienshangover)



• We learned, again, that college football doesn’t matter in New York.

Picture 6


• We learned that at least one LSU player didn’t take the Chick-fil-A loss very well. Nice form on that middle finger.



• And we’d be remissed if this NBA score didn’t make this post. Helluva game, boys. Hope this tie doesn’t hurt the Bulls playoff positioning.


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