ESPN Already Fired A Spring Semester Intern Over Alama Bowl Fail [Morning Twitpics]


So Case McCoy and his teammate Jordan Hicks were sent home from the Alama Bowl by Mack Brown for breaking team rules. We also have a young lady who goes to Texas Tech claiming she might’ve been sexually assaulted by a UT player while another player watched. Then McCoy and Hicks are sent home for breaking rules. And a girl from Texas Tech…you get the idea.

The 21-year-old girl invited unnamed players back to her San Antonio hotel room after meeting the unnamed players at a bar.

UT plays Oregon State tonight in the Alama Bowl. Check your local listings.

In other bowl news, love this look from Virginia Tech fullback Joey Phillips. Panty dropper.

In NY, watch your ass while waiting for a subway train.

Odds & Ends:

Finally, be careful leaving your car out in the snow.

(via @ChiefTokesALot)

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