Penguins Fan Refuses To Shave Her Legs Until NHL Lockout Ends [PHOTOS]


Don’t get me wrong, I like hockey. I miss the NHL and am beyond frustrated with the lockout. I’m all for fan statements against the league and against Gary Bettman, but in this instance I am not in support.

Xenia, Ohio native and Pittsburgh Penguins fan Maggie Wagner is fed up with the lockout, too, and instead of becoming an NBA fan, she decided to grow out her leg hair until the NHL sorts this out.

Puck Daddy profiled Wagner today and her hairy idea came about back in September:

She started to wonder what small personal protest she could offer against the NHL shutting its doors. So on 11:59 p.m. on Sept. 15, Wagner vowed not to shave her legs until the players and owners cut a deal.

In theory this is a great way to stick it to the NHL.

Magner even tweeted the photo to Mike Fisher and Dustin Penner. To her credit, Fisher retweeted it moments later.

Impressive, but quotes like this from the Puck Daddy interview leave a sour taste in my mouth.

I will consider shaving the thickest part of my leg hair and sending it to (Gary Bettman) in the event of a cancelled season, yes. I’d have to get their address though!

If you are an intern at the NHL League Offices this is your forewarning to quit before Bettman throws you on mail opening duties and you end up with a handful of leg hair.

[h/t Puck Daddy]     [@MagWag87]

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