Charles Barkley’s Favorite President Is Abe Lincoln, Drops Slavery Joke [VIDEO]


What did we learn from yesterday’s TNT NBA Halftime show? Charles Barkley doesn’t like the Clippers half-court offense and that his favorite president is Abraham Lincoln. In what appeared to be a blatant setup from Kenny Smith, ‘The Jet’ asked Barkley who his favorite president was. The response was gold.

Without hesitation Chuck proclaimed Abraham Lincoln as his favorite president. He explained:

I love president Obama, but Abe Lincoln is my new favorite president. If it wasn’t for him we’d be calling Ernie boss.

The Ernie that Barkley is referring to is Ernie Johnson, the only white guy on TNT’s halftime show. Visibly uncomfortable, Ernie tries to change to topic back to the Clippers and whether or not Shaq is a believer in their offense. Shaq’s response:

Yes I am, boss.

TNT’s halftime show, more entertaining than the game itself 8 out of 10 times.

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