Bibi Jones Still Cheering OKC Thunder Via Ridiculous Moby Photos

Ever since that fateful day in July when Bibi Jones quit the porn industry and became Britney Maclin we haven’t seen much change in her internet presence. The lack of new porn content is one thing, but Maclin hasn’t slowed down in her quest to upload the most NSFW photos of all time.

Every once in a while, like today, we get pics of her ‘wearing’ sports gear. This time it was a few topless OKC Thunder pics.

Here’s what we’re thinking. She fell asleep or forgot to watch last nights epic OT thriller between the Thunder and the Mavericks and wanted to make up for it by posting these pics, you know, to make her seem like a real fan.

Since advertisers would go nuts if we posted the NSFW ones, we can only link out to them on her Moby page. We don’t recommend clicking on that one at work. It’s about as NSFW as it gets.

BONUS: Random Yankees under-boob pic from late November. Why she posts Yankees photos in the end of November we’ll never know. Maybe she was pumped about A-Rod’s impending hip surgery.


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