Dwyane Wade Kicks Ramon Sessions In The Junk [VIDEO]


Another day, another instance of NBA class. This time the culprit is Dwyane Wade and aside from Jordan Hamilton’s f-bomb to a fan, this might be the worst we’ve seen out of an NBA player this season. With under ten minutes to play in the fourth quarter of last night’s Heat-Bobcats game, Charlotte guard Ramon Sessions was attempting to intentionally foul Wade. Wade wasn’t happy with that.

How does he respond? By kicking Sessions in the balls of course! The referees either missed it or thought it was unintentional because Wade wasn’t called for even a personal foul on the play. Don’t worry we’re sending David Stern a copy of the tape to get Wade’s ass suspended.

The Heat won 105-92. Another kick in the balls? This was Charlotte’s 16th consecutive loss.

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