Avery Johnson’s Son Reacts To Dad Getting Fired: ‘This Is A Fuxking Outrage’ [TWEETS]


Avery Johnson got fired from his position as the head coach of the Brooklyn Nets today…blah, blah, blah. Who cares, right? Don’t say that to Avery Johnson’s son, Avery Jr., because according to his Twitter timeline, he is less than impressed with how the Nets treated his daddy.

Solid grammar on that first tweet, Avery Jr. We’ll give it another hour before Avery and his reps make Junior take the tweets down, but don’t worry because we pulled them for you.

Note the use of “outrage” in two consecutive tweets. How do you really feel Avery Jr.? Do you think your three angry, impulsive tweets are going to make daddy proud? The three above tweets were accompanied by a barrage of re-tweets that reaffirmed his belief that the Nets did his dad dirty.

This is a business and although Johnson was probably fired too soon, having his son out there tweeting like a moron isn’t helping his case.

P.S. How the hell does this kid have over 3,500 followers?!


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