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My Favorite Time Of The Year: What Bama Fans Got For Christmas [Morning Twitpics]

There’s a good chance you had a very normal Christmas holiday with plenty of gifts, stockings full of toothbrushes and socks, new slippers for dad and toys for the kids.

Then there is an Alabama Crimson Tide Christmas.

Above, you see the @jordanpmitchell family Christmas card photo. Nothing says season’s greetings like a couple of shotguns.

As for normal gifts:

The Bama onesie.




Bama mom @julieonssi got a license plate cover from Santa.

Picture 5


Santa brought @kristen_is Bama jeans.

Picture 6


In the Bama food department, the Christmas gift of the year was received by @littlewood112‘s brother.

Yes, that’s a Bama toaster that burns an A into your toast.



Yes, there is Bama peanut butter and jam and one guy got this crazy Bama gift pack.

(via @TheBrianFikes)


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