Kyrie Irving With Two Girls Who Aren’t His Girlfriend [Live Tweets]


Judging by this photo it looks like Kyrie Irving had quite a bit of fun on Christmas Eve. While we were spending time with egg nog and family members, Kyrie was hanging with “friends” and posing for photos with said “friends”. Stiletto Jill snagged the above photo from Kyrie’s Instagram account before he deleted it.

This photo might not look so bad upon first glance. Just Kyrie posing for a quick photo with some fans, right? Well the photo was posted with the following message accompanying it: Turn the f*ck up! @vuhjynasaurus @khrysheartgarcia. This still might not seem like anything serious…until you see what Kyrie’s girlfriend looks like.

Yes, that’s Kyrie’s lady friend Natalia (@NataaGataa). Kyrie, who immediately deleted the photo from his account, quickly went into damage control mode.

Look at the time on those first four tweets. From 4:25 a.m. to 4:58 a.m. Kyrie was tweeting, trying to cover his ass for the promiscuous photo. Making things even more interesting is that one of the girls, @vuhjynasaurus, is a retired WNBA player.

Kyrie’s girlfriend tweeted this out on Christmas day, clearly showing her frustration towards the whole situation.

[h/t Larry Brown Sports]

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