Russell Okung Wore It Best At The Seattle Seahawks Ugly Sweater Party [Morning Twitpics]

What stands out from last night’s Seattle Seahawks ugly Christmas sweater party? The lack of diversity in ugly sweaters. Those beefy guys (nope, wouldn’t say it to their faces) above are the offensive line. They need tent sweaters. There must only be one ugly sweater shop in Seattle that makes tent sweaters.

Take a look at that diversity.

Far left is Russell Okung, who has to win the contest just based on this sweater and slacks combo. The rest of these guys are a complete mess.

By the way, give us the Seahawks defense and their quietly elite offense against the 49ers on Sunday.

(via ‏@BDR76)

More ugly sweaters: the University of Tennessee baseball team.

As for your NY Post covers:

In Christmas news, I’m pretty sure NBA veteran Nazr Mohammed is going Christmas shopping with more money than you or I. There are way too many hundies for that to be a strip club wad.


Finally, look at the new cut being sported by Toronto Raptors player Amir Johnson. Busted Coverage approves of every minute it took to create this masterpiece.