TCU Hat Bank Robber Pleads Guilty To Waco Holdup


How Christian of Bradley Kilmer, the TCU Hat Robber, to plead guilty to robbing a Waco credit union in August.

According to KWTX:

Kilmer was wanted for bank robbery in at least two states, including robberies at credit unions in Lacy Lakeview and Weatherford and a bank in Alvarado.

The Genco Federal Credit Union, at 1500 W. Loop 340, in Lacy Lakeview was robbed on Aug. 8 by a red-haired man who was wearing a green shirt and a TCU baseball cap.

He handed a note to a teller that said he would shoot her if he wasn’t given money and escaped with an undisclosed amount of cash.

Two days later a man with red hair who was wearing a green shirt and a TCU baseball cap robbed the First Financial Bank in Alvarado.

Kilmer is also suspected of robbing another Texas bank while wearing a Texas Rangers hat. Police think this guy has been robbing banks going all the way back to 2010 when he is believed to have pointed a sawed-off shotgun at a bank teller.

And here we figured only practicing Christians were fans of TCU. Who knew the school was getting so ghetto. No this guy.

[Texas Man Charged In Local Credit Union Robbery Pleads Guilty]

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