Stevie Johnson Buys Television For Unsuspecting Walmart Shoppers [PHOTO]

Buffalo Bills wide receiver Stevie Johnson made SportsCenter today. Why, you ask, does a Bills player get some airtime on SC on a Friday afternoon? Stevie was at Walmart and saw a young couple about to purchase a brand new Vizio HDTV. Only a year after signing a 5 year, $36.5 million contract, Stevie decided to pony up the $200-300 and buy the television for them.

An awesome move, but SportsCenter may have jumped the gun when they dubbed it one of the feel good sports stories of the holiday season. Stevie Johnson has anĀ endorsementĀ deal with Vizio and frequently does giveaways via his Facebook and Twitter accounts.

While we cannot confirm or deny that this act was part of his Vizio endorsement, it is still a very cool move either way. Stevie tweeted this shortly after posting the photo:

Food for thought.

[Stevie Johnson Instagram]