I Need: Buy 1972 Aces High Monster Truck Chevy El Camino For Only $75,000! [PHOTOS]

Ladies, are you still searching for the perfect Christmas gift for the husband/boyfriend who has everything? Let me introduce you to the 1972 Chevy El Camino monster truck called Aces High. You can get on eBay right now and make a guy’s dream come true. Sure, it’ll only cost you $75,000, but just imagine how much he’ll love you with this in the driveway.

We’re talking about a legendary vehicle. Not only is it rare to see a jacked El Camino, it’s even rarer to see a jacked monster truck for sale on eBay.

The specs:

• Flame throwing exhaust system

• 383 cubic inch blown alcohol injected Chevy small block

• 66″ Goodyear tires

• Original steel body

• Holds the world record for a wheel stand of 700 feet at 45mph

• Gets decent gas mileage

Did we mention this ride blows flames out of the exhaust system? Imagine pulling this ride into Lowes to pickup some lumber. Imagine driving this thing to Walmart and all the autograph requests you’d be inundated with.

Best Christmas gift – ever.

[Buy Aces High Monster Truck – eBay]

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