ESPN Intern Welcomes Greg McElroy To NFL QB Fraternity Via Misspelling [Morning Twitpics]

Since we have the Christmas spirit, let’s not get crazy and fire the intern responsible for this f-up. Let’s just give him/her a 30-day suspension like Racist Rob Parker. By the way, who reps for Nate Burleson? You should be fired for letting your client wear a striped suit. Horrible idea.

You’re just trying to cause seizures.

Speaking of seizures, look at the gift that the NY Post dropped this morning. And to think that Suzy Favor Hamilton didn’t have to win a medal for her country to get the front of the Post.

Speaking of seizures, try staring at this for longer than five minutes.

Who let a possibly drunken Kyle Turley onto the Jack Murphy playing surface last night for that dumb bowl game?


In Joe Buck news, why am I just seeing this photo from three weeks ago in Pittsburgh? Howard Eskin is just trying to do his job and numbnuts has to act like a huge douche.


Finally, Charles Barkley – hoodrat on TNT.