Who Is This Paul Gasol Guy That ESPN Speaks Of? [Morning Twitpics]

I’d walk the intern responsible for this mistake right into my office, sit her down and explain that she’ll need to pack her bags and find new employment with the NBC Sports Network. You’d think these interns would finish the year strong, get a complimentary ESPN coffee mug for a job well done during the fall semester and go home for Christmas.

Then someone pulls this stunt. Paul? Is he from Minnesota? Get your shit together, interns.

While we’re at war with ESPN, this one has been on my desktop for a few days. Great Yellow hope?


As for the NY Post, it seems Mark Sanchez has played his last game for the Jets; no word on Tebow wanting a trade.


Odds & Ends:

I pick on ESPN, and they deserve to be picked on, but what is this from NFL.com?


Finally, leave it to Bama fan to force his/her cat to pose for a Roll Tide Christmas card. Is that cat smarter than your average Finebaum caller?