Takeo Spikes Gets Gracious Birthday Card Filled With $36 From His Mother


San Diego Chargers linebacker Takeo Spikes is finishing up year two of a 3-year, $9,000,000 contract. He’s played 15 years. The guy has some money laying around. He also owns a decent house in Georgia.

Life isn’t too bad at all.

But no matter how rich and famous the guy is, he still gets a birthday card (turned 36 on Dec. 17) from his mother, Lillie, a retired special education teacher.

Spikes wrote on Instagram:

So good that I had to share my mom’s birthday gift to me. Lmao!!!!

According to Takeo’s official bio:

Jimmie and Lillie Spikes ran a tight ship. And as Takeo and his siblings grew older they came to understand how lucky they were to have tough-loving parents looking out for them. “I was fortunate enough to be raised by my mother and my father,’’ Takeo says. “So many kids in my neighborhood not only didn’t have a father, they didn’t have a father figure. It made all the difference in the world to me.’’

Sadly, Spikes will have plenty of time to spend his $36. He won’t be going to the playoffs for the 15th consecutive year.

[Takeo Spikes – Instagram]

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