Samantha Steele IS NOT Pregnant, Says Christian Ponder’s New Wife


Samantha Steele says she’s not pregnant, putting to rest, I guess, the assumption that the only reason she married Christian Ponder on Monday was because she is pregnant. Sigh. Dammit, and here I was stalking, looking for the baby registry.

We figured that a couple of very religious 20-somethings would want a big wedding at a lovely church of the bride’s choice. Instead, they drove 50 miles or so to Wisconsin to get married at a courthouse. So daring.

This is the same couple who carried on a public high schoolery relationship on Twitter back in October are suddenly upset at the high schoolery that happens on Twitter? What am I missing here? You don’t get to be an ESPN sideline reporter and publicly tweet with an NFL QB without high schoolery from the peanut gallery.

And here we thought there couldn’t be a more self-centered sideline reporter that could ever trump Erin Andrews. We were mistaken.

Good luck with the marriage and the honeymoon in early January.


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