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Jets Thug Who Threatened To Kill Mark Sanchez: “I Didn’t Mean It”

So the punk Twitter user, @BraveGrancu, who threatened to kill Mark Sanchez a few times after Monday’s loss to the Titans says it was all just a joke. The New York Daily News caught up with Bravee Grandcu for the obligatory interview in which the guy said he lost $700 in the Jets loss.

As for those tweets – HA! – it was all just a joke.

“I don’t own a gun,” said Grandcu, 25. “I was never going to shoot or kill anyone.”

“I was just p—ed off,” Grandcu told the Daily News. “I lost $700 on the game. That’s real money.”

Odds this guy owns a gun: -1100.

As for the Twitter account where these disturbing tweets originated, it seems that account has been closed.

Remember, these are just jokes from a thug who just lost $700.





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