Jessica & Krystal Freitas Are The Hottest NFL Cheerleader Sisters Of 2012 [PHOTOS]

The Freitas sisters, hailing from Orange County, California, have won the hottest NFL cheerleader sisters of 2012 award. Krystal, a member of the Sea Gals (Seattle Seahawks), and Jessica a member of the Flight Crew (New York Jets) have flown under the radar because Yahoo! and Chris Chase at USA Today haven’t been reading their newspaper RSS feeds.

The story of the Freitas sisters came to light this week when the girls’ father spoke with the Orange County Register¬†about what its like being dad to two NFL cheerleaders

Apparently it’s no skin off his back. According to the OC Register:

The tight uniform tops that NFL cheerleaders wear might be tough for some dads. But Roy Freitas said he doesn’t worry.

“I’m still a dad,” he said. “Onstage, I don’t look at them as my daughters anymore, they’re cheerleaders.”

Roy Freitas, a barber in Orange County, is officially the ultimate man’s man. His daughter Jessica is a trained ballerina; Krystal has a desk job.

While there have been many sister acts in the NFL cheerleading game (Texans have the Lewis twins) it’s odd that sisters would be cheering for teams on different coasts.



[h/t Orange County Register]
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