Drew Brees Fan Robs Baton Rouge AutoZone At 5:21 P.M. Like It Ain’t No Thang

Are you out of work, behind on your house payments, the electric is about to be shut off and you need to pay for a divorce? Getting out of debt could be easy. Do you know this bank robber? Would you consider turning on your homeboy, but don’t have the nerves to rat? Let us help you. We’ll turn on your homeboy. And split the reward money with you! It’s a win-win.

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Baton Rouge police are looking for a man in the Sunday robbery of an auto parts store on Florida Boulevard, a police spokesman said.

The man walked into Auto Zone at 4547 Florida Blvd., around 5:30 p.m. and approached the sales clerk with a threatening note, demanding money, Cpl. Tommy Stubbs said in a news release.

Police are not sure if the man was armed, Stubbs said.

The man grabbed the money and ran away in an unknown direction, Stubbs said.

This has to be a beer money play. Most smart robbers know that Auto Zone isn’t flush with cash. Buying a car battery? Use a credit card. Buying AutoZone air freshners? Use cash. That’s why we figure Drew Brees is going on a cash grab, get him a couple $20s and hit the bar.

There’s discussion in the office about that hat. Is that a Cowboys lid? I say there’s no way homeboy should be disrespected like that. Rob says he’s detecting a Cowboys logo.

No chance.

[BRPD seek Auto Zone robber]

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