A Soldier Will Get A BC Crown Royal Bag Stuffed With Gifts From Playmate Kylie Johnson

Our good friends at Crown Royal reached out this week with news that 2011 Playboy Playmate Kylie Johnson (@missfeb2011) had been stuffing Crown bags this weekend with goodies for U.S. soldiers. It turns out some lucky soldier will be getting a Busted Coverage bag.

Crown rep Zack Nobinger reports:

Hope you’re well.

So, you’ll never believe what happened at the Crown Royal Heroes Project party hosted by Playboy this weekend in Dallas.  As 2011 Playmate Kylie Johnson helped Cowboys and Steelers fans stuff Crown Royal camo bags with holiday treats to be sent overseas to U.S. troops.

Turns out she stuffed a bag for you guys and wanted to send your readers warm wishes, too.

As you may know, the Heroes Project is Crown Royal’s year long program to honor American heroes – including the brave men and women protecting our freedom overseas.  As you can imagine, the holidays are an especially difficult time for these folks and every little reminder of home helps.

If there are two things we support this time of year, it would be Playboy Playmates and our soldiers who are stuck in some god awful country without the luxuries we take for granted. If the government would let us throw a Crown Royal rager in Kabul with 15 Playmates and some chicks from Arizona State, it would be on – tomorrow night.

And to the lucky soldier who gets the bag, test the government Wi-Fi lines and send us a note. We’ll do our best here at this little outpost on the Internet to make the daily grind a little less hellish.

Are you in the military? Drop us a message. Tell us about life.


(Look, if we could hook you up with Kylie, it would happen. Our pull these days with Playmates isn’t what it once was. Sorry.)