Who Is Your Dream Former Athlete Drinking Buddy?


We’ve all heard the story about how Wade Boggs pounded 64 beers on a flight and how Andre the Giant drank two liters of vodka before he felt warm inside. If you drink, you have a drinking buddy. He’s the guy who’s available to hit the bar with you 99.8% of the time. He’s the guy who’ll be there to pound shots during big sporting events.

He’s probably crazier than you are. He probably drinks you under the table. He probably tells better stories than you do. That’s why he’s your drinking buddy. You compliment each other. You’re responsible – to a point – and he’s not.

We asked Twitter users to name their dream former athlete drinking buddies. Why just former athletes? Because they’re out of the game, seem more interesting and are grizzled veterans of the drinking game.

Did we miss your guy? Add your guy in the comments.

Wade Boggs

Pat Burrell

Michael Irvin

Charles Barkley

Bill Romanowski

Shaquille O’Neal

John Rocker

Bernie Kosar

Steve Spurrier

Brett Favre

David Wells

Joe Theismann

Richard Petty

John McEnroe

Joe Namath

Mickey Mantle

Andre The Giant

Jim Leyritz

Bill Walton (voted to do acid with Walton)

The Rock

Jim Brown

Lou Piniella

Randy Johnson

Tom Watson

George Brett

Joe Montana

Jack Nicklaus

Dale Earnhardt

Brian Bosworth

Pistol Pete

John Daly

Dan Marino

Troy Aikman

Steve Young

Drew Bledsoe

Brett Farve

Darren McCarty

Ronnie Lott

Bill Laimbeer

Scott Mitchell

Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts

Shawn Kemp

Larry Bird

John Rocker

Darryl Strawberry

Mike Tyson

Ozzie Guillen

Jim Everett

Bill “Spaceman” Lee

Anthony Mason

Mark Grace

Chris Chelios

Kerry Collins

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