More Impressive: Wade Boggs Dancing At Thunder Game Or Singing Garth Brooks Song? [VIDEO]

One of BC’s all-time favorites made his way out of the woodwork last night in Oklahoma City. The Chicken Man was spotted sitting court side for the Thunder-Spurs game. Once they knew he was in attendance there was no way Fox Sports Oklahoma wasn’t going to put his ass on live TV. Wade didn’t disappoint.

When he realized he was on camera Wade busted into one of the best spontaneous dance moves ¬†we’ve seen in a while. The best part is there was no music being played. He was shown moments before a Russell Westbrook free throw attempt. This put the announcers on the spot:

Wade Boggs is in the house.

Feelin’ it!

It looks like he is.

The Thunder won 107-93.

This isn’t our first time featuring Wade Boggs and his outlandish dancing/singing ways. Remember that time he was wasted singing Garth Brooks down Key Largo?

[h/t Outside The Boxscore]