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Kevin The Intern Texted Us This ESPN Intern Fail, Kinda LOL’d At ESPN Intern [Morning Twitpics]

You know it’s bad for ESPN interns when Kevin the Intern is ripping on your ass for an SportsCenter fail that he found. Not only are the Broncos leading the AFC West (and probably going to the Super Bowl), they’re also winning the NFC West. Pretty damn impressive.

I keep trying to tell you guys that KTI isn’t all about the poon. He’s pretty diverse.

Which brings us to the NY Post covers telling us that the Jets can start working on vacation plans for early January. Sanchez now has 17 INTs this season (13 TD passes).

Picture 3


Leftover Twitpics:

That’s not Jake Locker. Good try.



Wait, the Cowboys are on a losing streak?




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