Kate Upton In Antarctica [PHOTOS]


Our friends at TMZ published photos early today showing Kate Upton working a bikini shoot in Antarctica. Yes, Antarctica. The photos are supposed to be work for Sports Illustrated; we assume these are for the 2013 swimsuit issue.

As you can see, the candids haven’t been touched by Photoshop. A couple things immediately struck us.

1. Can her boobs get any bigger?

2. Either that bikini strap is extra tight or Kate is getting some side flaps.

Dare we ask if Kate Upton is getting fat? Look, we still have her at an 8.5. She’s not getting the boot from the bed. However, is there ever a case where the boobs are just too big for your comfort? Is there much more that 5-10 frame can hold?

[16 More Photos of Kate Upton in Antarctica – TMZ]

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