Former NFL Player’s $2.6 Million Mansion Torched By Fire Department; 17 Rooms, 14,000 Sq. Ft. [PHOTOS]


Rod Kush, a former safety for the Buffalo Bills, saw his dreams go up in smoke last week…literally. Kush spent his hard earned time and money building his dream house in Gretna, Nebraska back in 1997. After running into some financial trouble Kush was forced to sell of the mansion for only $1.6 million not long after.

The lengthy vacancy and lack of upkeep made the place unlivable so the current owner donated it to the local fire department for training purposes. It has to be the ultimate kick in the ass to watching your pride and joy, your $2.6 million dollar mansion/mancave going up in flames. Bummer Rod, bummer.

The place was one for the ages. Aside from being in the middle of nowhere Nebraska, this is a house any man would be proud to call home. Lets all pour some out for our homie Rod Kush for losing his baby.

More Facts On Kush’s Mansion

[h/t Zillow, Daily Mail]

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