23 Best Sports Christmas Gifts Of The 1990’s


After Joe ran through his childhood with yesterday’s post about the┬ábest sports Christmas gifts of the 1980’s, we decided it was only appropriate to give the kids of the 90’s a trip down memory lane as well. The 90’s saw the rise of video game culture and sports becoming more intertwined with popular culture than it had ever been.

Even with sports video games and movies on the rise, summers were still spent shooting hoops in the driveway in your Reebok Pumps. Countless hours were spent at your buddies house slamming Pogs. You definitely had intense games of street football with the neighborhood punks slinging the Nerf Vortex.

Technology was present but it hadn’t taken over our lives yet. Although the video games were the big ticket items, you would still get pumped for non-electronic gift items.

As a refresher, here is how we broke it down.

Christmas Gift Level Guide:

Level 1: Small boxes, usually looked like you were about to get shirts and socks.

Level 2: Interesting wrapping; bigger boxes; odd shapes

Level 3: Mom and dad held back these gifts until the Polaroid was ready to go

Level 4: Top-of-the-Christmas-list items; usually electronics

Grand Finale: Dad had this gift stored at a buddies house; your parents took out a small loan

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