The Sexiest Sports Superfans Of 2012

While other sites were busy breaking down preseason NFL rankings (who had Seattle finishing above .500?), we were digging into Twitter and Facebook accounts trying to find unknown sexy superfans. The results were tremendous.

We’ve now introduced you guys to models such as Alexis Augusto (Heat & Yankees fan), Karen McDougal (Giants fan), Stephy C. (Bears fan) and the lovely Lauren Li (Lakers fan). Name another site who churns out such superfans. You can’t.

So let’s close out 2012 with a look back at ladies who entered the year with dreams of being noticed in Spain, the United Arab Emirates or Puducah, Kentucky and end the year splattered across the Internet for their fandome.

Alexis D’Augusto

Karen McDougal

Stephy C.

Heather O.

Lauren Li

Brooke Knight

Ericka Kristen


Claudia Sampedro


Alicia Secrets