The Bills-Seahawks Canadian Streaker [VIDEO, PHOTOS]


There wasn’t much to cheer for yesterday if you are a Bills fan. The game spun out of control quickly as the Seahawks rolled to a 50-17 win. The game was played at the Rogers Centre in Toronto, Ontario so the crowd was a mix of multiple NFL fan bases. With no hockey, the few Canadians who attended (attendance was a paltry 40,770)┬áhad a little pent up energy.

There were reports of fights and scuffles, and of course, one guy had to get out on the field for a little streaking. Although there is nothing special about this guys effort, the Canadians went nuts. The crowd noise escalated and cheering got louder than it had all game. Quotes from fans exuded excitement:

I got that on tape! Woo!

I knew someone was gonna do that! I knew it, I knew it!

That was like a 60-yard run! There was only one security guard chasing him, eh?

Please. To all our Canadian readers, act like you’ve seen a streaker before. It was one of the weakest streaks we’ve seen in a while, plus the guy didn’t even have the decency to go full nude. Check out some photos below.

Oh, and this douche performed at halftime.

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