Sweet! Chiefs Fan Swings At Raiders Security Guard [VIDEO]


Lots and lots of Bud Light. That’s really the only explanation we can come up with for as to what drove this Chiefs fan to act a fool right in the middle of the Black Hole on Sunday. The Chiefs didn’t give him anything to get cocky about, as they got shut out 15-0 courtesy of five Janikowski field goals.

The cops acted very proactively, approaching the Chiefs moron before he was KO’d. Then, out of nowhere, a second culprit enters the frame (a buddy of Chiefs moron?) and takes a swing at the cop. Damn right the fuzz in Oakland knows how to bury a guy after throwing a punch.

Make sure you watch until the end. As the Chiefs fan is being escorted out, a big Raiders fan decides to snag the hat off of the culprits head and wear it for himself. Who cares that the cop took it back moments later? That right there is fan fight video gold.

[h/t The Sports Grid]

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