Jimmy Clausen Tweets Photo Of Catholics vs. Cousins Shirt, Twitter Goes Nuts


Earlier this afternoon Jimmy Clausen tweeted out the above photo of a t-shirt profiling the upcoming National Championship game. The shirt, which reads ‘Catholics vs. Cousins’, is a clear jab at Alabama and the inbred mentality that outsiders have on the Crimson Tide faithful. Posting that photo was a ballsy move by Clausen, and Twitter went nuts.

With an immediate outcry from touchy Bama fans, Clausen quickly deleted the tweet. Here are a few examples of the angry Alabama fans who lashed back at poor Jimmy:

Although Clausen had to know this wasn’t going to be met with positivity across the board, he clearly didn’t expect these types of responses  He soon after sent out the following messages:

Wait, it gets better. Clausen’s beach volleyball babe of a girlfriend, Jess Gysin, had to get in the mix to defend her man.

Stick to volleyball Jess.


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