Philly Hoochies Throwing Haymakers During Fight At Bengals Game [VIDEO]


Here at BC we usually live by a rule that you never break up a girl fight. Let them go, see what happens. If you’re lucky there will be a wardrobe malfunction or some good hair pulling action. This girl fight at Thursday’s game between the Eagles and Bengals is the exception to that rule. Hats off to the security at Lincoln Financial Field for getting between those behemoths.

The fight itself wasn’t too bad, but the fans watching stole the show. Comments like these prove that the action in the stands is officially more exciting than the action on the field at the Linc this year:

Right in the mouth! Yeah! Yeah!

Rip her head off! Rip her head off!

Cya! Shaniqua don’t live here no mo’!

Gotta love the casual racism tossed in there by the Philly d-bag.

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