North Dakota State Wants Bama In The BCS Championship [Morning Twitpics]

Bama isn’t the only college football team looking to go back-to-back with NCAA titles. Defending FCS national champion North Dakota State beat Georgia Southern in the Fargodome, 23-20, and get to play for another title next week in Texas.

Two things about NDSU’s football program: (1.) They beat Colorado State this year, 22-7, in Fort Collins and, (2.) They want Bama – bad.

Isn’t it time we stop dicking around with college football and let the FCS & FBS champions fight it out for college football superiority? Figure out a way for ESPN to make money off the game and it’ll happen. Give NDSU a 28-point lead to start the game? Make Bama play with 9 guys on offense?

I’m actually all for a four-team college football tourney between Mount Union, Grand Valley State, North Dakota State and Bama. Figure out opening lines, give each team a lead and see if Saban can still beat them. Now that destroying football conferences has finally slowed down we need more diversions. This is a perfect diversion.

Your morning NY Post, exploiting kids.

Finally, this speaks for itself. Bowl season is here. Enough talk, it’s time to get shit rolling along.


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