Hoosiers Fans Spend $10,000 On THIS Christmas Light Display [VIDEO]


We get it that Indiana basketball fans are passionate. There’s nothing wrong with loving and supporting your teams, but this latest act by some Hoosiers crazies has taken things too far. The Girardot Family has turned their home into a destination for all IU crazies by spending $10,000 on a light display that, get this, pays tribute to a REGULAR season win.

Yep, you read that right…a $10,000 lights display to commemorate last years regular season win over Kentucky.

Not only do these rich mid-westerners spend enough on their lights to feed countless poor families during the holidays, the wife, Missy, calls herself the “creative holiday display homeowner”. Yuck.

The Rundown On The Hoosiers Light Display

  • 14,000 lights in total
  • $10,000+ in total costs, up over $1,000 from the previous display
  • Only costs $10-15 more in electric
  • 8 days, each with 8 hour shifts
  • 16 hours to sync music with the lights
  • 107.5 FM radio station is synced to the light show

Here is the full video of the lights show. Impressive, yes, but we still can’t get over the fact that they’re still celebrating a regular season game from last year.

P.S. SexnNursinHomes with the top comment on Kentucky Sports Radio

[h/t Kentucky Sports Radio]

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