Buy Auto Racing Legend Jacques Villeneuve’s Remote Canadian Cabin For $5 Million [PHOTOS]


Now we’re not exactly experts of the world of Formula One racing, but apparently this guy Jacques Villeneuve is a pretty big deal. The 41-year-old French Canadian was the Rookie of the Year in 1994 and won the Indy 500 just one year later. All of the limelight and the grind of  the Formula One lifestyle must have gotten to his head because he went and bought this remote cabin that sits on nearly 1000 acres.

Said cabin is now up for sale for a cool $5 million, and just in time for you to scoop it up for a nice, private holiday party. Is he hurting for money? We don’t know, but he did have a failed music career about five years ago. Just how bad was it? His first album sold 836 copies in North America.

According to the Realtor:

A piece of paradise! Exclusive private estate with 851.35 acres including Lake Sémillion, 1.7 km of shoreline on Rivière Rouge, an energy independent log home by the lake accessible by a 2.6 km road in the forest. A gatehouse and a sugar shack. Must see!

The Scoop On Villeneuve’s Cabin

  • 3 bed, 2.5 bath
  • 851 acres
  • Property includes a full lake
  • 1.5 mile private dirt road
  • Cabin is 100% energy independent
  • 1.5 hour drive to Montreal…no strip clubs or gourmet grocery stores in sight

Asking: $4,995,000

[Buy Jacques Villeneuve’s House – Sotheby’s Real Estate]

[h/t Curbed]

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