Bode Miller Drills Wife Morgan Beck In The Face With Golf Ball [PHOTOS]

Morgan Beck is the normally beautiful beach volleyball player who recently married Bode Miller. She’s now the wife of Bode Miller who who has been hit with a 160 mph line drive errant golf shot.

It seems that Beck, from her tweets, recently took up the sport, while Bode is an admitted hack golfer.

This is what happens when those worlds collide.

Beck tweets:

Feeling better today. Still can’t see out off left eye but I am getting some feeling back in my face

A huge thank you to @Kaenon By absorbing a 160mph line drive I only got 50+ stitches instead of losing my eye #lucky

Only 50 stitches.

Why does this tweet that Miller sent out on Tuesday may me cringe?

I played my first round of golf lefthanded yesterday. It was pretty amazing. Los of terrible shots for my wife to laugh at.

[HT: Deadspin]

Here are the glasses that Beck was wearing.

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