Amare Stoudemire Got Married Yesterday – In THIS?! [PHOTOS]


While we were all drunk at a bar marveling at how old Paul McCartney and Eric Clapton looked, we ended up missing the fact that Amare Stoudemire married longtime girlfriend Alexis Welch. According to the New York Post the happy couple got married on the rooftop of Amare’s Manhattan apartment. Everyone is all excited blabbering about the wedding. Yawn. What caught our eye is what Amare and Alexis decided to wear.

Now we’re not here to bash on anybody’s culture, but come on Amare. Even his daughter looks miserable at the wedding outfit choices. The Post reported:

The groom wore a Calvin Klein tux, and the bride and kids wore traditional ethnic outfits.

Ohhh, it’s “ethnic”.¬†Interesting to say the least, however we can’t say its a good look for the big fella.

[h/t NY Post]

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