10 Greatest Oral Pantomiming Moments In Sports History


What’s with the American fascination with oral pantomiming at a sporting event. On Wednesday night, a Celtics woman calmly got in on the act while cameras were rolling, giving us our latest great moment in oral pantomiming. This is a big moment in oral pantomiming history because it’s normally men who enjoy this phenomenon.

Of course the most famous oral pantomimer in recent history is Cubs fan from September. This YouTube video now has 934k+ views, making it the most watched oral pantomiming in Internet history.

Step up your game, pantomimers.

1. Cubs fan

2. Norwegian Olympians

3. Marcus Pedersen goal

4. Hockey fan

5. For Sean Avery

6. A Toledo special

7. Outgoing Celtics Fan

8. Oklahoma State grad student

9. From Rocky Top

10. Teamwork

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