One-Armed White Boy Tearing Up Georgia High School Basketball [VIDEO]


This must be the week of featuring beleaguered high school basketball players here on BC. First we had Scotty Lubkerman of Golden HS in Colorado sinking a three despite his having Down syndrome. Now we have Zach Hodskins, a junior guard out of Milton HS in Georgia. I know what you’re thinking, wow, another white kid dazzling in low-level high school ball, right? Wrong. Look closely at his left arm.

Yep, that thing cuts off right around the elbow. Young Zach is killing it with one functioning arm. Sure he’s 6″2′ and Georgia isn’t exactly a high school basketball hotbed, but we’d put $20 bucks on him to beat your ass in a game of 1-on-1.

[h/t @S_Buttonz]

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