Minnesota Senior Rodney Williams Jr. Humblebrags After 360-Degree Dunk [VIDEO]


In the likely case you weren’t watching the Minnesota vs. North Dakota State game last night, we’ve got you covered. Minnesota senior forward Rodney Williams Jr. threw down a ridiculous 360 dunk. The crowd went nuts, Golden Gophers fans were pumped and YouTube viewers paid respect to one of the better dunks of the young college basketball season. As for Williams, he didn’t bat an eyelash.

Williams spoke to The Star Tribune after the Gophers 70-57 victory:

I got nervous. I had to do what I knew would go in, so I did a 360.

That is one of the biggest humble-brags we’ve seen in a long time. He just had to settle for an easy dunk, one he knew was guaranteed not to miss. To out of shape white guys, like us, that would be none other than your standard lay-up. Maybe a finger roll if we’re feeling frisky. Williams went out and threw down a ferocious 360 dunk and acted like it a’int no thing. Way to make us laymen rec-league ballers feel like slugs.
[h/t Deadspin]

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