ESPN Intern Confused Over Which “Who Has It Better Than Us?” Harbaugh Coaches Baltimore [Morning Twitpics]


And here we figured Jim Harbaugh wouldn’t have a comment on when Ray Lewis would return to the Ravens defense. Not so, says ESPN. It seems Jim is confident Ray can get back on the field with that torn tricep.

That’s nice of Jim to give an update like that. The guy must’ve had extra time on his hands.

Nope, no NY Post covers this morning. My ass is on a 6 a.m. flight to LaGuardia. I’ll say the back cover is something about Knicks-Nets and the front is something about that dude taking a bullet to the brain. Just a hunch.

At the Pistons-Nuggets game, fans didn’t show up for another night of horrible Detroit basketball. They were there for Naughty by Nature’s halftime show. Hell yes we’re down with OPP.

(via @brittbraudo)

In Bryant “Big Country” Reeves news, the guy has never looked better. How @chayduk tracked the guy down is beyond comprehension. How does someone even recognize the guy considering you can’t see the flattop?

Finally, the Dodgers sign a Korean import and one of the guy’s first stops after signing a multi-million dollar deal is In & Out.

Looks like Ryu Hyun Jin is about to go HAM on that burger. Irabu Jr.?

(via @emorys)

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