Andrew Bynum Rehabbing At Penthouse Club


According to our friends at Crossing Broad, That’s Andrew Bynum last night at the Penthouse Club in Philadelphia. You might remember that Bynum is rehabbing a bum knee and hasn’t done a damn thing for the 76ers besides become a crazy sideshow.

Hell yes we totally approve of Bynum’s antics.

Are you kidding?

That’s bartender  “Rach Recklesss” with Bynum. Sensing trouble brewing, she has since deleted the original Instagram photo.

Rachel reports in the comments section of Crossing Broad that Bynum was “there seeing an old friend.” Of course he was. That’s why guys go to strip clubs. It’s not like the 76ers had a game where he’d be needed to sit on the bench.

[via Crossing Broad]

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