Aaron Rodgers WAS NOT Wearing A Thong, Says Aaron Rodgers On Radio Show


It took 44 minutes of blabbering on the Tuesdays With Aaron Rodgers radio show on ESPN Radio Wisconsin before host Jason Wilde finally asked the Packers QB about the purported black thong from Sunday’s Lions game.

And then Rodgers ruined all the fun by telling Wilde that thing you see above isn’t a black thong.

Wilde asked, “Why were you wearing a thong?”

“I was wearing three layers up top,” Rodgers says.

“Maybe you lost a bet,” Wilde shoots back.

“Do I have to talk about what my undergarments are,” Rodgers answers with a slight chuckle.

Rodgers says the black thing is a shirt that he had tucked in. As for if Rodgers cares about this sort of juvenile stuff being posted on blogs or Chicago radio station sites, he enjoys our humor.

“I laugh at it. It’s silly,” he says.

There you go, settle down Chicago, he’s not wearing a thong.

[LISTEN 44:00 mark – Tuesdays With Aaron Rodgers]


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