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NSFW Hockey Skate To The Face Cut Might Make You Puke – You’ve Been Warned

Meet Craig Peacock. He’s a hockey player. He’s a hockey player who took a hockey skate to the face, snapped this photo and now owns what, we feel safe to say, is the worst hockey injury on the Internet.

According to Puck Daddy:


On Saturday, in a game against the Fife Flyers, Peacock scored the Giants’ opening goal, but would later leave the game after taking a skate blade to his upper lip.

The result? Twenty-nine stitches after dumping Bobby Chaumont over the boards.

Watch the 10:25 mark.

Of course Chaumont felt pretty bad cutting a guy’s face like a piece of prime rib.

@peaks71 Hey man feel terrible about tonight..Hope everything is hit!

Peaks didn’t hold a grudge. He has a viral wound and is gaining Twitter followers by the minute.

@Bobbychau26 no worries mate, freak accident, just one of them things! Last time I try put you over the boards tho haha!

Helluva job by the stitch doctor. All better.


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