Johnny Manziel’s Mom, Michelle, Is Noteworthy [PHOTOS]

BC reader Eric in Beaumont, TX emailed us this morning: “Hey…you guys gotta take a look at Johnny Manziel’s mom. Unreal.” So, while the mainstream blogosphere is still lusting after Johnny Manziel’s girlfriend, Sarah Savage, we’re busy getting to know Michelle. Look, someone has to take over for Dee Dee Bonner once AJ McCarron finishes his career in the BCS Championship.

You might remember how SEC fans were busy lusting after Dee Dee and those giant (we presume) implants. Guys, Michelle Manziel was just waiting in the SEC weeds ready to unleash her Texas charm, strong jaw structure and the body of a real estate agent who competes against 20-somethings in the dog eat dog world of home buying.

Lose a step in the looks department and your ass isn’t selling half-million dollar homes.

As for what we know about Michelle:

• 42

College Station Realtor®

• Needs to get active in social media; form SEC mom alliance with Ms. Bonner

• Met Johnny’s dad in high school

• Played golf in high school

Have the elusive Michelle Manziel bikini photos that’ll ultimately trump Dee Dee Bonner’s body of work? Do your thing.

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