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Drunk Redskins Fan Goes Face First Into Light Pole After Giants Game [VIDEO]

(The good stuff gets going at :38.)

We’ll call him Bob. He’s been a Washington Redskins fan since birth. His father swore by Sammy Baugh. Bob picks out 1-2 games a year to attend, gets super drunk and tries to get his money’s worth during each visit to Fed Ex.

It just happened that Bob attended the recent Redskins-Giants game, got severely tuned up and tried to walk it off on the way to who knows where. He’d just witnessed another gem from RG3 and the thoughts of the Redskins finally landing a franchise QB were racing through his head.

The 16 beers started to call his name. The legs buckled. His balance was lost. His face met a light pole.

A camera rolled.

Busted Coverage weeped.

Bob, we love you, man. Don’t ever change. Keep being Bob.

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