Donald Trump Called His Twitter Intern Into The Boardroom To Fire His Ass [Morning Twitpics]

We’ll have more on #BobBelichick later this morning. There isn’t an NFL bandwagon this guy won’t jump on. Remember Trump and the Jets? Trump and Tebow? It seems Don has moved on to the Patriots and Bob Belichick.

As for last night’s game, it was a 42-14 ass whipping by the Patriots.

I wrote on Twitter last night, “It’s OK, Texans fans, it’ll hurt much worse in the AFC Championship game.”

Churn that butter, Aaron Hernandez.


As for your morning NY Post, that’s blood from the head of a guy who took a bullet to the melon on W. 58th in what cops are calling an “assassination.”


In Hooters restaurant news, here is former Nats & Indians manager Manny Acta enjoying his retirement at the Dominican Republic Hooters.



Finally, let’s go to the beach with Lee Corso, the Sex Machine.

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